Audi Design UNIverse

The students from four European design schools, the TU Dresden, Scuola
Politecnica di Design Milano, Politecnico di Milano and Aalto University
Helsinki have worked out their visions for the automobile of the future.
Audi Design UNIverse exhibition and seminar was showcasing the results in Ingolstadt on 19th November 2015, attracting a full house of Audi designers and developers as audience.

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Katariina HelinAudi Design UNIverse

Act, Empower, Embrace, Stir & Connect!

Interdisciplinary networking and collaborating
Design Factory Global Network and this year’s International Design Factory Week

Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) is a collaboration of people from different backgrounds and cultures. It provides platforms to develop innovations with similar-minded people – people who want to make their ideas into reality. 

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Katariina HelinAct, Empower, Embrace, Stir & Connect!

The second Design Factory Bootcamp

The Second Design Factory Bootcamp was held last week. The one-week intensive hands-on experience of the Design Factory concept was organized to help five institutes from all around the world to help them build their own interdisciplinary platform. The participants took the first steps in planning the DF concept for their home institution.

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adminThe second Design Factory Bootcamp

Design Factory virus is spreading around the world

7th Design Factory launched in Portugal, as the Porto Design Factory inauguration took place on Monday May 11th

Design Factory Global Network is a group of innovation platforms around the world, which are all based on the Design Factory model developed in Aalto University.

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adminDesign Factory virus is spreading around the world

DFGN grows: IdeaSquare in CERN opened

Cooperation between Aalto University and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN is taking a new form.  CERN has opened IdeaSquare, a new environment for technological development. The operating model of IdeaSquare is similar to that used by Aalto University in its Design Factory. Aalto University has assisted in the planning and implementation of the project.

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Tiina TuulosDFGN grows: IdeaSquare in CERN opened

Presenting ADF in Poland

Two ADFers, Martti and Clemens, were invited to Warsaw, Poland late November by the IdeAGORA project (, which organized a seminar for knowledge transfer from Finland. They gave a presentation about Design Factory and the interdisciplinary project-based courses in Aalto University for the Business Center Club Poland (BCC) and the Polish chamber of commerce. The seminar organized by IdeAGORA presented developments in Finland around new experimental platforms, just like Design Factory, especially with the focus on company involvement.

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Tiina TuulosPresenting ADF in Poland