There is a wide variety of tools and equipment available for the student projects.

Our core talents are manufacturing techniques, material knowledge and creative solution in prototyping. We have long experience in manual and  NC machining, milling and turning. Service team maintains and develops the shop.

We believe that ADF users should be able to see, experience and interact with traditional manufacturing methods, machines and most of all the people that operate them. MachineShop works as creative environment for prototyping and model making. Our priority is to serve students and startup companies.


Safety first!

Ask how to use machinery you have not used before.

Keep space tidy and clean

There is safety equipment available.


4x Axis CNC Machine

3x Axis CNC Machine, with carousel tool changer

Manual Lathe

CNC Lathe

Metal Saw

Bench Drill

Pillar Drilling Machine

Water Jet cutter


If your job requires the attention of a specific MachineShop employee, feel free to contact us. Regular job requests should be sent to