Recyclable materials

Fiskars launched a new version of its classic scissors in 2020. The new scissors are fully recyclable. They are 80% recycled material and 13% cellulose fiber. To recycle the scissors, the user must send them to the Fiskars Billnäs factory. There, the scissors are taken apart and the materials are sent to subcontractors for refinement.

Key phenomenon

Valmet’s Metal Belt calender project aimed to reduce stiffness loss in paper after calendering. At the start, the inventor studied the physics of the calendering process. They realized that the duration of heat treatment was a key parameter. In existing calenders, heat treatment lasted only a few milliseconds. Some niche solutions enabled longer heat treatment,

University of Helsinki joins the Design Factory Global Network

Third time’s the charm has never been more accurate. If you land at Helsinki Airport, you can get in your car and reach three different design factories within an hour. The Design Factory Global Network is honoured to welcome Viikki Food Design Factory from University of Helsinki to the network.

How accurately can you understand a person?

As a designer, how well are you really able to understand users when you are empathizing with them? Our research shows, some factors may increase or decrease your empathic understanding. Do you know what they are and how do they influence your understanding accuracy? Users are not always thinking about the product during an interview.