Design + Strategy (R)

With the rise of design thinking, taking design to a strategic level and creating design-driven companies have become hot topics. However, design work and corporate strategy can come from quite different traditions of working, needing good ways of working to make it work in practice. This session is built around three pioneers of advancing design

Setting the table for the future of food

Entrepreneurs, students, food-enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to this session! We’ll start with some cases from our DesignBites research project, hearing from the founders of food and drink ventures on how they've designed with and for communities in developing their companies and products. Over the last five years, Entocube has played a key role in legalizing and commercializing insect

Service design tools for global good

This workshop is a light version of our Rat Relay for Global Good series, where Design Factories across the world come together to tackle design challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’ll learn how to make stakeholder mappings and empathy maps and how to formulate design challenges - staple features of design thinking and

From global insights to local solutions

We will be working on a challenge provided by UNTIL, the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs. In particular, we are targeting how we might motivate young dropout Syrian refugees in Jordan to become more excited about online learning. This workshop is a light version of our Rat Relay for Global Good series, where Design Factories

Blink bling – wearable electronics

Ever wanted to try out welding, soldering or laser-cutting? Now you have an opportunity to learn all these and much more as our gurus from ElectroShop and PrintShop guide you through some hands-on prototyping at 13:30 in the Electroshop and 14:30 at the Printshop. You get the coolest blinking bling by participating in both, but

Community Lunch

A lot of cool events all day and you are concerned if you have time for lunch? Don’t be! Join us for a complimentary lunch to grab some sustenance and meet the community! Food for the first 160 people. Limited amount of Vegan and Gluten Free portions available!

Community Breakfast

Breakfast at DFfany’s is usually served at Kafis every Tuesday from 8:30 onwards for 2.5€. Join us on Friday for a FREE Breakfast at DFfany's to see what it is all about and get the energy to enjoy the day of festivities!