Design Factory hosts a number of open events you are welcome to join, and you can always contact us to arrange for a tour of the building and it’s activities to help you get familiar with us. Collaboration opportunities range from sponsoring student projects to customized training and using the facilities.

Sponsor a course

  • Becoming a sponsor in one of the project-based courses organized at the Design Factory. Multidisciplinary student teams work on design briefs provided by the sponsors of the courses for 2 to 9 months depending on the course. In the Product Development Project, you also get to take part in the some of the hands-on learning activities yourself in addition to gaining the students’ solutions.


  • Get customized training and facilitation on creative collaboration, design thinking or experimentation in product design. Ranging from a few days to intensive weeks and comprehensive curricula, we offer research-based continuous education opportunities.


  • Sponsor a research project to get tailored insights into creating customer-centered, design-driven organizations and using up-to-date human-centered design methods.

Use the facilities

  • Set up your venture’s headquarters or a remote unit at our facilities. We have in-house partner companies who are enriching the ecosystem diversity and participating to daily activities. We support companies in their early stage to become the new success stories under our loving care and attention. Depending on the contract the companies may use ADF’s premises, materials and machinery.


Aurora Propulsion Technologies Oy

Caidio Oy

EntoCube Oy

Port 6 Oy

Riot Innovations Oy


Surgify Medical Oy

Teraloop Oy



Klaus Castrén Head of Community
+358 50 410 3664