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Community spirit is important and worth striving for

The Design Factory team recently received the Aalto High 5 award for building a sense of community at our university. “The attitude of the people at Design Factory and their hands-on way to operate have been key factors in creating a unique, student-centred environment. The Design Factory staff have the ability to listen to user needs and encourage them to get things done and take action. Design Factory is also considered to be a source of inspiration for development work done at schools and institutions.”

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Katariina HelinCommunity spirit is important and worth striving for

Audi Design UNIverse

The students from four European design schools, the TU Dresden, Scuola
Politecnica di Design Milano, Politecnico di Milano and Aalto University
Helsinki have worked out their visions for the automobile of the future.
Audi Design UNIverse exhibition and seminar was showcasing the results in Ingolstadt on 19th November 2015, attracting a full house of Audi designers and developers as audience.

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Katariina HelinAudi Design UNIverse

What works: Research-based handy tips and tricks for the curious professor – Part 3

Series Part 3: Group work

Participation in group work results in the interaction with other students, for example through the discussion and debating of topics, resolution of conflicts or disagreement, as well as peer- and self-assessment. This is an example of social learning. In social learning, social experiences and interactions support the understanding of content. The students educate themselves and each other, and provide support for continuous learning and for the on-going creation of new ideas and skills.

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Marcela AcostaWhat works: Research-based handy tips and tricks for the curious professor – Part 3