Tiina Tuulos

Tieteen sekakäytöllä kohti parempaa arkea

So why would anyone want to be a researcher? To kick off the Skolar series of this spring, we’ll hear three responses, starting with Tua’s. Sorry for the Finnish language, which is due to the initial pilot phase being limited to increasing communication between science and the general audience in Finnish:

Uncovering hidden gems amongst paper piles

Miko, Samuli, Tua, and a bunch of bright young Finnish scientists are taking part in a pilot program to increase communication between scientists and the general public. Organized by Kaskas Media, Skolar aims to bring science to the masses.

DFGN grows: IdeaSquare in CERN opened

Cooperation between Aalto University and the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN is taking a new form.  CERN has opened IdeaSquare, a new environment for technological development. The operating model of IdeaSquare is similar to that used by Aalto University in its Design Factory. Aalto University has assisted in the planning and implementation of the

Presenting ADF in Poland

Two ADFers, Martti and Clemens, were invited to Warsaw, Poland late November by the IdeAGORA project (http://www.ideagora.mazovia.edu.pl), which organized a seminar for knowledge transfer from Finland. They gave a presentation about Design Factory and the interdisciplinary project-based courses in Aalto University for the Business Center Club Poland (BCC) and the Polish chamber of commerce. The seminar organized by

Product Design Gala 2014

The annual Product Design Gala was held again at Aalto Design Factory on Friday May 16th. This day filled Design Factory with 17 student projects (14 from Finland and 3 from Graz University of Technology) presenting their final prototypes and findings. Visitors were able to test the new product ideas and challenge the teams with their

Nord Design 2014 Conference organized at ADF in August

The 10th biannual NordDesign Conference – Creating Together – will take place in Espoo, Finland on 27-29 August 2014. The conference is organized by Aalto University Design Factory and the Department of Engineering Design and Production along with the International Design Business Management Program and the Innovation Management Institute in partnership with Design Society.

A course on innovation in action

The course “License to Act Differently” has been organized at Aalto Design Factory for the last 5 academic years. The course – also known by its unofficial name “the MIND course” – has been developed and taught by the people from MIND Research Group (www.mindspace.fi), a group known for its multidisciplinary composition and Ei its interest