Tua Björklund


‘Behind the Scenes of Co-creating the Future of Food’ publication by DesignBites researchers, photographer – designer duo Maria Talvinko & Anna Kuukka presents a glimpse into the Finnish food and beverage scene and entrepreneurship on the front lines. The photographic documentary takes a peek at the backstage activities of the brands, showcasing how the companies

From Crisis to Creativity

The multidisciplinary Aalto University DesignBites research project has interviewed 90+ packaged food and beverage entrepreneurs, as well as analyzed social media activities and industry statistics. We’ve analyzed over a thousand development actions, and are happy to present a spread of insights to treat the curious consumers, educators and organizations on co-creating new solutions, the ups


When the three founders of 3 Kaveria (“three friends”) were designing their first products, they created quick prototypes of the packaging and took these to the freezer aisle of a store to test them in context. This testing led to a crucial turn:

Measuring the impact of design

You get what you measure, so what should you be tracking when in comes to design? Taking a strategic turn can require turning one’s gaze inward even when becoming more customer-centric.

Fanning the fire

Most ideas don’t die, they get stuck in hibernation. Research points to some useful ways to incorporate development into a life in which empty calendar space is only a utopia. .

Refresh your thinking on innovation

In Finland, much of the nation halts to a stand-still in July. This can offer a perfect time to refresh and get some new inspiration for your work. Read on for a few questions you may want to ask yourself, and some easy reads to provoke more thinking on the topics.