The second Design Factory Bootcamp

The Second Design Factory Bootcamp was held last week. The one-week intensive hands-on experience of the Design Factory concept was organized to help five institutes from all around the world to help them build their own interdisciplinary platform. The participants took the first steps in planning the DF concept for their home institution.



With the help of DF experts, lectures and workshops the Bootcampers got familiar with the DF history, infrastructure, ways of working and pedagogical philosophy, while starting to develop their own strategy and implementation.


For example on Wednesday the Bootcampers got to try out the PD4 method, a shorter version of PD6. Their task was to design a passenger space for airplanes.

PD4 is a team based product development exercise realized in 4 hours in which the attendants get to experience learning by doing, hands on activities, testing, idea generation, demonstration and evaluation, as well as having a license to act differently while trying to have fun, learning and working like crazy!





adminThe second Design Factory Bootcamp
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