Presenting ADF in Poland

Two ADFers, Martti and Clemens, were invited to Warsaw, Poland late November by the IdeAGORA project (, which organized a seminar for knowledge transfer from Finland. They gave a presentation about Design Factory and the interdisciplinary project-based courses in Aalto University for the Business Center Club Poland (BCC) and the Polish chamber of commerce. The seminar organized by IdeAGORA presented developments in Finland around new experimental platforms, just like Design Factory, especially with the focus on company involvement.


“We presented at Business Center Club Poland and the Polish chamber of commerce. First we got an introduction to IdeAGORA project, which is strengthening the relationships to alumni, and afterwards we presented the DF concept and ME310 -course. The main idea was to share experiences and inspire with the DF idea and spirit. I think we were successful since we got great feedback and people were very interested to hear more. There was a lot of interest in how to start such a project like DF, how to get it rolling and how get companies involved.”


Tiina TuulosPresenting ADF in Poland
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