What is the PrintShop?

PrintShop is a digital fabrication workshop at the product development laboratory Aalto Design Factory. The primary purpose of it (like other workshops at ADF) is to help students with their Design Factory -related projects like PdP & Aaltonaut coursework. Secondarily the PrintShop serves the startups in-house at the Parner Plaza as well as other community members who are working on their projects under the umbrella of Design Factory.

If our schedules and materials permit, PrintShop staff is also happy to help other members of the Aalto University community with their projects.

Do not hesitate to approach PrintShop staff with your requests though – even if we can’t necessarily help you at that moment, we are likely able to direct you to a place on- or off-campus that can help you.


Perhaps these will help you get a better picture


  • “CoCo” FDM 3D Printer (ABS + HIPS, 265 x 265 x 300 mm)
  • “MehtaHeino” FDM 3D printer ( PLA , 270 x 160 x 200 mm)


  • “Lala” Glowforge laser cutter


  • Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter (max. width 580mm)


  • “Barbara” HP DesignJet T1300 (max. width 1117mm)

  • 3D-printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Large-format inkjet printing on paper.

In terms of 3D-printing we have the capacities to use PLA, TPU, PP, AduraX & RigidX.

For laser cutting we have acrylic (PMMA) 3-12mm & plywood from 2-12mm.

If you have the material safety datasheet of your material, we figure out if we are able to cut material that you’ve provided us. Generally we only use the plywood in our own stock because it has interior-grade glue in order to avoid hazardous gases released when cutting exterior plywoods with epoxy or formaldehyde.

For vinyl we have various colours of 3M series 50 and 30 vinyls. We also have application tape.

For printing we usually have a stock of 90g 914mm wide coated plain paper rolls and try to maintain few rolls of semi gloss and gloss heavier weight coated papers. Most prints we usually print on the much more cost efficient 90g coated plain paper.

At PrintShop we use the machines for you. You can deliver your request for a job by either stopping by PrintShop between the hours 10-18 Mon-Fri or by emailing us. If your job requires the attention of a specific PrintShop employee, you can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

  • 3D-printing – STL 
  • Laser cutting – SVG, DXF (linework and text needs to be in vector-format (outlined) )
  • Vinyl cutting – SVG, DXF (linework and text needs to be in vector-format (outlined) )
  • Paper printing – PDF (with the dimensions of the desired print)

NB! For paper printing please provide us with the final print size. Meaning if you want us to print an A0 please make sure your PDF is set to A0.

  • Max 3D-printing size is currently 240x160x200 mm.
  • Max laser cutting size is 480x280mm.
  • Max vinyl cutting size is 580mm in width (no strict limit on length since its a roll).
  • Max paper printing size is 1117 mm in width (no strict limit on length since its a roll).

PS. For vinyl cutting and paper printing keep in mind that different materials have different dimensions. For example some paper rolls are 914mm wide and some are more or less.

The idea of Design Factory is centered around product development so the workshops are made for prototyping. We are here to help you develop your ideas and designs towards manufacturing, but we don’t do manufacturing. In other words, iterating multiple times is okay, but serial manufacturing is not.

Feel free to reach out if you are unsure about how this relates to your project. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

PrintShop’s services, including materials, are free to everyone except for Partner Plaza companies whom we have specific arrangements with.

Reach out to Klaus if you have questions about your startup joining the Partner Plaza.

Thank you for being so considered!

Here are few suggestions depending on your needs and where you come from. Check out the spaces and places bellow.


If your job requires the attention of a specific PrintShop employee, feel free to contact us. Regular job requests should be sent to

  • Aaro Packalén 3D Printing and Laser Cutting
    +358 50 501 8565

  • Sushant Passi Vinyl & Laser cutting, Plotter Printing
    +358 50 596 4495

  • Erwin Laiho 3D Printing and Laser Cutting
    +358 50 432 7700