Rat Relay for Global Good March 2018

Rat Relay is a three-day design thinking hackathon organized by the Design Factory Global Network. Each Design Factory brings a sponsored challenge that is rotated around the world before returning back home – just like in our interconnected world today, tasks are shared and split between teams working together near and far. The challenges are tackled in six 6-hour slots following the design thinking process: emphatizing, (re)defining, ideating, prototyping, testing and pitching solutions. The Rat Relay is open to everyone, and your welcome to join any 1 to 6 slots! However, you need to register beforehand and to commit to attending the full six hours of your chosen slot(s).

What’s in it for you?

Learn to collaborate locally in a multidisciplinary team

Experience global collaboration first-hand

Get familiar with the design thinking process and some of the practices used at each stage

Have fun while addressing meaningful issues faced by real people around the world

Tua BjörklundRat Relay for Global Good March 2018
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