What is ElectroShop?

ElectroShop at Aalto Design Factory helps students and members of the Aalto community add electronics to their projects.

While we focus on assisting Design Factory-related coursework, we’re also open to other academic or personal projects. Our approachable environment caters to enthusiasts of all skill levels with staff ready to help with idea development, learning, or troubleshooting.

As we are geared towards prototyping in the realm of product development, our facilities are not meant for mass production.

For clarification on project suitability or other inquiries, contact us.


Please follow them


Ask for assistance if you are unsure of how to use something.


Do not take tools out of Design Factory, and return tools to their proper locations by end of day.

Leave no trace

Clean up after yourself, including throwing electronic waste in the electronic waste bin and trash in the trash bin.

Something broken

Notify staff of broken or damaged tools so they can be replaced as needed. We understand that things happen, but notifying us ensures the shop can be kept in good shape.

Soldering 101

Utilize the vents at each workstation if soldering.

Soldering 102

Do not use soldering irons to melt plastic/non-solderable materials. If you need to ask staff for assistance.


Do not store projects in ElectroShop.

Staff area

Do not enter the staff area behind the pink wall/curtains.


Please read the FAQ on this page.


Perhaps these will help you get a better picture

ElectroShop work stations are mostly self-service, and can be used freely by people in the Aalto University community. PCB milling is the exception and is done by ElectroShop staff from your files (EAGLE, Gerber, G-Code, and SVG file formats).

ElectroShop is generally staffed Monday – Friday from 10-17, and open 24/7 if you have access rights (idm.aalto.fi). Please email electroshop-df@aalto.fi to schedule a meeting if you’d like to ensure assistance or have a project consultation at a particular time/date.

  • Soldering stations
  • Tools for surface-mount soldering
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Multimeters
  • Function generators 
  • Variable power supplies
  • Wire strippers, side cutters, screw drivers, etc.
  • Bantam PCB milling machine (127.00 x 101.60mm)
  • Electronic components for prototyping
  • Microcontrollers
  • Cables (USB-B, Mini, Micro, C, HDMI)
  • Others – email us at electroshop-df@aalto.fi if you have any particular questions.

Projects can be stored in: Public storage (in the basement), ElectroShop storage (around the corner to the left of Electroshop’s entrance, in the IKEA shelving unit), and Workshop storage (outside of Electroshop). Please label your project bins with the provided slips:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Expected removal date
  • Current date
  • Any relevant info such as class / professor / staff affiliated with the project

Do not store projects in ElectroShop without express permission from ElectroShop staff.

Feel free to use any of the components housed in our component towers, including consumables like wire, solder, and protoboards, at no extra cost! Should you require items that aren’t readily available, such as microcontrollers or sensors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our shop staff for assistance.

We kindly request that you sign out items that are subject to return. Upon returning these items, please ensure they are disassembled. In the event that a desired component is not in our inventory, we might be able to acquire it for you using the allocated course budget or we can offer guidance on where to source it.


Regular requests should be sent to ElectroShop-df@aalto.fi
If your job requires the attention of a specific ElectroShop employee, feel free to contact us.

We’re eager to support your projects and kindly ask for your understanding regarding our time constraints. To guarantee effective assistance, we prefer you to contact us via email before visiting. Please include a brief overview of your project, its importance to you, and expected timelines for production.

Scheduling in advance allows us to provide the dedicated service you require. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us manage our workflow and look forward to collaborating with you.

Warm wishes,

ElectroShop staff