Uncovering hidden gems amongst paper piles

Miko, Samuli, Tua, and a bunch of bright young Finnish scientists are taking part in a pilot program to increase communication between scientists and the general public. Organized by Kaskas Media, Skolar aims to bring science to the masses.

We’re working hard to produce initial content to the upcoming platform for science-based communication aimed at the general public. As a result, we will be publishing small, bite- or snack- sized science writings each week here at the Researchers’ blog.

In this pilot phase, the platform will open as a national version, initially available only in Finnish. Thus, we must apologize to our international friends and partners – hopefully we can get at least a few pieces properly translated into English.

We’ll start by an introductory round, so stay tuned to learn what and why we’re actually doing in the Aquarium! Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always drop in and say hi to a researcher.


Tiina TuulosUncovering hidden gems amongst paper piles
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