A course on innovation in action

The course “License to Act Differently” has been organized at Aalto Design Factory for the last 5 academic years. The course – also known by its unofficial name “the MIND course” – has been developed and taught by the people from MIND Research Group (, a group known for its multidisciplinary composition and Ei its interest in innovation.

The aim of the course is cheap NFL jerseys on how to achieve My strategic innovation by means of design thinking and lean startup techniques. The students are encouraged to learn by doing, taking up real-life innovation challenges offered by partner companies, and by defining a meaningful problem statement from both user and industry research. Hacks The focus of the teaching is on applying systematic ideation, idea experimentation and maintaining a continuous feedback loop with users and customers. Students spend most of their wholesale NFL jerseys time out of the building, interacting with real world, and Sutapa lessons are given either in АЛЬБЕНДАТИМ the interactive format of workshop or as team by team tutoring sessions.

Nordic madness + Mediterranean energy = Helsinki and Barcelona join forces to challenge industry conventions Hands-on course on innovation in collaboration with ESADE Business School, Barcelona.

This is the second cheap jerseys year that the course adopted its current international format, in which we collaborate with ESADE Business School, Barcelona, providing the course content collaboratively and engaging students in cross-border collaboration, both face-to-face and virtually. This year we have about 50 ESADE students from the Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and 20 Aalto students coming from several programs in design, business and engineering. The challenges have been Miami Dolphins Jerseys provided by 7 public and private organizations operating in different indusrties: from pharma (Abbvie and Almirall) to banking (BBVA), from gardening (Kekkilä) to Woman infrastructures (Abertis), passing from swimming pools (Gre) and even the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication.
The students worked together during the initial intensive week of the course at Aalto Design Factory (27.1 – 31.1) and will work together again during the mid-term intensive week at the ESADE EGarage in Barcelona (16.3-21.3). The course will wholesale mlb jerseys end on 9th of May, when the students will present their solutions, validated through experiments, to company representatives and lecturers.
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Tiina TuulosA course on innovation in action
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