Nord Design 2014 Conference organized at ADF in August

The 10th biannual NordDesign Conference – Creating Together – will take place in Espoo, Finland on 27-29 August 2014. The conference is organized by Aalto University Design Factory and the Department of Engineering Design and Production along with the International Design Business Management Program and the Innovation Management Institute in partnership with Design Society.

Evidence-based academic work on topical issues on design, product development and innovation that strengthens both our theoretical understanding, and the connection between theory and practice.

In the area of innovation, design and product development we quite often seem to know that something works in practice, but might lack understanding on the theoretical foundations. Many of the topical issues related to design, development, and innovation that seem to be regarded as “common knowledge” within the industry, are insufficiently founded from the theoretical perspective. On the other hand, results of academic research are often insufficiently disseminated to the industry.
The conference will bring together design, engineering and innovation experts from Nordic countries and internationally. The three-day programme will involve leading keynotes, presentations from both academia and industry along with real interaction and co-creation of new opportunities between academics and practitioners. Delegates will experience the atmosphere of Aalto Design Factory, which reflects the main theme of this conference, interdisciplinary co-creation.

Over 200 abstracts

The conference received over 216 abstracts from 36 countries. Parallel to the main event in Finland, there will be a one-day satellite conference with a shared live session at Swinburne Design Factory, Melbourne.

Now the process continues, stay tuned for the next steps:

Tiina TuulosNord Design 2014 Conference organized at ADF in August
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