Designing change in organizations

With the rise of design thinking, taking design to a strategic level and creating design-driven companies have become hot topics. However, change starts with people, and here design can come in handy to bridge across functions and organizations. This session is built around three company perspectives to different facets of designing together in organizations, from

Design Thinking Crash Course (R)

Within two hours we will go through the origin, basics and applications of design thinking using an interactive workshop approach. After this crash course you will understand better what design thinking is, and you will have experienced some of its benefits so that you can begin to apply it in your own studies, work or

Project Based Learning

This is a hands-on, structured workshop that focuses on Project course planning and teaching. The session aims at building network among Aalto project course teachers and sharing experiences and practices. Joint working will be in English, but subgroups can work in Finnish as well.

Methods in Early Product Development

Catch a session in one of the DF courses, observe or take part. This course teaches basic methods in design thinking and product development. The topic of this Thursday lecture is concept generation. Expect an active hands-on class with lots of interaction.

Research finds opportunities for improvement in energy saving design

Most work in sustainable product development focuses on energy and resource efficient design. While this is a valuable and worthy tactic, it does not always result in actual energy saving during device use. This is because users may not want to, or know how to, use the device in an energy efficient manner. In fact,

The second Design Factory Bootcamp

The Second Design Factory Bootcamp was held last week. The one-week intensive hands-on experience of the Design Factory concept was organized to help five institutes from all around the world to help them build their own interdisciplinary platform. The participants took the first steps in planning the DF concept for their home institution.

Design Factory virus is spreading around the world

7th Design Factory launched in Portugal, as the Porto Design Factory inauguration took place on Monday May 11th Design Factory Global Network is a group of innovation platforms around the world, which are all based on the Design Factory model developed in Aalto University.

Arjen harmi tekee keksijän

Mikä yhdistää maastopyörän, Post-it-lapun, lenkkitossut, internetin ja energiapatukan? Niiden kehittäjillä menivät hermot. Tieteen keinoin voidaan selvittää, mitä keksitään seuraavaksi.