The evolution of empathy

Empathy is part of our everyday life. Empathy allows us to understand others and to feel the joys and sorrows of fictional movie characters as if they were real. Empathic understanding helps us to recognize the needs of other people and can even lead to extreme forms of unselfish behavior. People have even donated their


Rarely (if ever) big endeavors are achieved in solitude. This premise fully embodies the nature of our collaboration. In this post, we want to introduce ourselves to all of our readers. We want to show who we are, what do we bring into the project and why were we interested in being part of it.

3 pathways to implementing design thinking in a large company

Disruptive innovations are challenging traditional industries and established players to seek new ways to enhance their internal innovation capabilities. Implementing design thinking into organizational practices can help bring users and their real needs to the center of the company, but remember to take into account varying perceptions across the organization, implement incrementally and secure mandate

Tactics for selling design issues in large organisations

Integrating design thinking to existing structures takes more than just top-down mandates. Designers can become active issue sellers concretising the benefits of design approaches throughout their organisations, but they need access to information and channels to do so.

Perinteinen strategiatyö on aikansa elänyt

Yrityksiä ja toimialoja ravisuttavat monet muutosvoimat, joista yksi tärkeimmistä on digitalisaatio. Keskustelu aiheesta käy kuumana, ja usein erehdytään toivomaan epämääräisen “digiloikan” ratkaisevan kaikki ongelmat.  

Research finds opportunities for improvement in energy saving design

Most work in sustainable product development focuses on energy and resource efficient design. While this is a valuable and worthy tactic, it does not always result in actual energy saving during device use. This is because users may not want to, or know how to, use the device in an energy efficient manner. In fact,