Tua Björklund

Upcoming research insights

Upcoming research talks at the Design Factory: Mikko Illi on better sales processes on 9.4. and Antti Surma-aho on developing empathy and innovation attitudes through project-based courses on 23.4. Come and ask us some good questions!

Fanning the fire

Most ideas don’t die, they get stuck in hibernation. Research points to some useful ways to incorporate development into a life in which empty calendar space is only a utopia. .

Refresh your thinking on innovation

In Finland, much of the nation halts to a stand-still in July. This can offer a perfect time to refresh and get some new inspiration for your work. Read on for a few questions you may want to ask yourself, and some easy reads to provoke more thinking on the topics.

Creating resources out of thin air

Everyone and everything starts from something. Read on for insights on how to create traction with little resources from one of the journal publications on and of the community published this Fall.