Researchers’ breakfast 8.3.

Come celebrate Women’s Day, share breakfast and listen to what our power ladies have been up to studying teaching development! ADF’s Maria Clavert will talk about pedagogical change agency, and prof. Katrina Nordström and Anni Laakkonen will tell about their course pilot and learning goal assessment.

Come celebrate Women’s Day, share breakfast and listen to what our power ladies have been up to studying teaching development!

Launched by Media Factory in 2012, the Researchers’ Breakfast is organized jointly by the Aalto Factories. The event travels between different Aalto campuses and it is organized in turns at Design Factory at Otaniemi campus, Service Factory at Töölö campus and Media Factory at Arabia campus. The next breakfast is organized on Tuesday the 8th of March. We’ll grab breakfast at Kafis 8.30AM, and start the presentations at 9AM in the Studio:


Maria Clavert: Beyond centralised training programs – novel ways of developing teaching in Aalto

Previous research has widely questioned the effectiveness of top-down pedagogical development efforts, such as centralised training programs. Consequently, novel approaches based on local knowledge and strategies are called for. The presentation identifies ways of initiating pedagogical development in one’s own working environment. In addition, it highlights the organisational factors that support and prevent the local development efforts. The presentation is based on a longitudinal follow-up study conducted in the fields of science and technology.


Katrina Nordström and Anni Laakkonen: Cell and Tissue Engineering & Biology Meets Mechatronics (an AOle’ pilot at Aalto University 2016-2019)

We present the outcomes of our Spring 2016 course: cell and Tissue Engineering, which was held at DF.  Projects, assessment tools (also used in an Erasmus plus project) and  student feedback will be presented. In addition we will outline the pilot project “Biology Meets Mechatronics”  which is a pilot in the A!OLE Strategic at Aalto University 2016-2019.  At the core of this pilot is the development and use of blended learning, where on-line learning is ingrained into hands -on learning in projects and experimentation in the laboratory. The pilot will be built by utilizing two courses in the curriculum; CHEM – E3225 Cell and Tissue Engineering and KON-41.4120 Mechatronics projects.  The pilot continues ongoing collaboration on these courses that was initiated in the spring of 2015. The CHEM and ENG courses will form the initial core of the pilot.  During 2017-2018 elements from ELEC, ARTS and BIZ can be added. The idea is that the course/s can be completed at many different levels.

Tua BjörklundResearchers’ breakfast 8.3.
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