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From waste streams to raw materials

You may have heard of this equation: growing populations with higher demands and incomes require more natural resources. This has led us to the situation where human-made things, such as consumables, cars, and infrastructure, now exceed all living species’ weight on Earth.

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DF ResearcherFrom waste streams to raw materials

Towards circular prototyping – Part 1

 Today, makerspaces are becoming increasingly popular on university campuses by providing an opportunity to design, fix, and prototype physical artifacts to a growing number of makers. This quick increase in the maker initiatives has also brought up the discussion around environmental impacts of the makerspaces.

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DF ResearcherTowards circular prototyping – Part 1

Welcome to our Experimentation Platform

How about exploring ideas beyond the easy and creating successful solutions? Feel like you need more inspiration for your experimentation amidst calm and crisis? Ever wondered whether there is untapped potential for collaboration and co-creation in your networks? If your answer to any of the above is yes, we have got you covered. Full post
Erika PerttunenWelcome to our Experimentation Platform


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