Popularize your research

Hello world, this is research. Is anyone out there?

A staggering amount of academic research outputs reaches virtually no one. This is a shame, as especially when studying human design, learning, management, communication, and other related phenomena, many research results are relevant to virtually anyone.

Blogging or tweeting about your research has been noted to have a huge impact on how many people actually read your research outputs. This is noteworthy, as universities and funders are increasingly emphasizing and even measuring the impact and dissemination of results.

Furthermore, describing your research in a clear and approachable manner helps you to reach a much wider audience than academic journals. In our experience, it is also good practice for writing more compelling, reviewer-friendly scientific papers.

Inspired by our experience at the excellent Skolar pilot program, we’ve decided to start biweekly “Research meets world” sessions to continue communicating our work to broader audiences. The nature of the gathering is informal and easy-going, aiming for peer support, bouncing around ideas, and being inspired from each others’ work.

So if you are a researcher working in the ADF or feel your research is somehow connected to Design Factory, and want to write about your work in an approachable manner, join us at the ADF library (2nd floor). We meet on Wednesdays 9 to 11 every odd-numbered week, starting on August 12th. No signing up or commitment to regular attendance required. If you have any questions, contact Miko or Tua, or just give it a try!

Tua BjörklundPopularize your research
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