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Looking to shake up your course? Take a look at the tools offered in Design Factory!

Looking to shake up your course? Take a look at the tools offered in Design Factory!

  • PD6 – Product Development in 6 hours: PD6 is a Product Development Project squeezed into six hours, in which the students experience hands-on doing, ideation and team building in order to kick-start their new projects and push stalling ones (both professional & student projects). It relies on combining problem-based learning with a hands-on approach and quick-n’-dirty prototyping. The workshop also encourages (or forces) the participants to reach out and ask for help by emphasizing the involvement of different stakeholders in the design process. Read more about prototyping and our Prototyping guide. For more information about running PD6 in your course, contact the staff.
  • I like / I wish. These are facilitated feedback sessions carried out in a course doing group work. It is a great tool to reduce assumptions, resolve problems, and promote communication.
  • Teacher partner course. The course includes planning, implementing, and evaluating a teaching experiment on your own teaching. Student feedback is collected and utilized in the process. Working methods are individual and group work supported with pedagogical mentoring. Assessment is based on self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and mentor evaluation. Contact for more information.
  • Marshmallow challenge. This is an informal ice-breaking workshop to promote teamwork at the beginning of a project. For more information running it in your course, contact the staff.
  • Intercultural workshop. There are many benefits to working in intercultural teams. This workshop is meant to increase students’ intercultural competence when working on their project. Contact for more information.
  • Teacher community. Come and share your experiences, ideas, tools and skills with other teachers. Get to know each other and maybe even create partnerships for interdisciplinary courses. Meetings are once per semester and facilitated by
  • Barn room for teachers. Meet with students and other teachers.
  • Flipped conference. Using posters to have the students discuss what they want to learn more about. Contact for more details
  • Ideaguide by idema. A book for getting ideas for workshops or new things to try in class. Ask for it in staff wing.
  • Presentation skills. Want to improve the student presentations in your course? Tailored practical workshops are available for all kinds of presentations and presentation styles. Contact for more information.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share? The teacher community at Design Factory would love to hear about it!

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