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I like I wish is a facilitated team feedback activity where team members get to provide and receive both positive and constructive feedback in written as well as in spoken format. Sessions follow a certain process, which has developed to its current format through dozens of sessions organized since 2011 in several different interdisciplinary courses taking place in Aalto Design Factory, Swinburne Design Factory and ESADE Business School alike. Now the time has come to compile this to a soft skill method that can be utilized all over the world in order to make interdisciplinary teamwork more efficient.


The importance of tangible progress in projects easily overcomes things such as how the team is working together and how is each individual doing in the project. Open communication is heavily highlighted in interdisciplinary teams, where differing and competing viewpoints are at the same time essential as well as possible sparks to conflict. Although open communication is recognized to be important, putting time and effort on things supporting it, such as systematically providing feedback among team members, is easily neglected. This calls for supporting structures such as I like I wish, facilitated team feedback -method, which is a convenient way to concentrate on the team’s communicational issues.
This method has been developed by Satu Rekonen (ADF and Industrial Management researcher) who is passionate about exploring how to maneuver with the ambiguity and diversity that innovative interdisciplinary projects bring forth for the team. Satu has been perfecting her skills as a team feedback facilitator by holding close to fifty feedback sessions with e.g. ME310, PDP, MIND and Aaltonaut students. is now launched! To find out more about the facilitated team feedback method, visit the website and see pictures of the launching event on

adminLaunching of
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