Tua Björklund Head of Research

+358 50 511 3182

Connecting theory and practice

Tua studies development expertise and turning ideas into improvements in different contexts of development efforts: product design, entrepreneurship, management, and teaching. She has a DSc degree in work psychology from the Aalto University School of Science, and an MA degree in cognitive science from the University of Helsinki. Tua has been part of the founding team of the Design Factory, and will gladly answer any questions you have about research at ADF.

Tua heads research at the Design Factory, looking into the impact of the Factory, promoting empathy and innovation in engineering education, and how entrepreneurial opportunities are produced. In addition, she manages three externally funded research projects Design Plus, d.start, and DRIVE, investigating how design thinking can change the way companies organise for innovation.

On the teaching front, Tua is a part of Design Factory efforts to promote developing university teaching. She teaches design thinking in executive and professional education, the open hackathon Rat Relay for Global Good, and AAN-C1003, an integrated course to promote reflection, setting learning goals and skill communication in the interdisciplinary bachelor-level Aaltonaut product development minor.

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