Conceptualizations of Radical Creativity in Transdisciplinary Networks

This interdisciplinary research project integrates the study of technological innovation, organizational psychology and design thinking to explore alternative conceptualizations of radical creativity and organizing of radical creativity in networked collaborations. We believe that the dialog between diverse definitions and conceptualizations for creativity across disciplines is a strength for Aalto operations. However, scholarly understanding of such conceptualizations is lacking and, as such, this shared project across Aalto ENG, BIZ, ARTS and SCI aims to strengthen the scientific basis for developing Aalto strategy and operations in radical creativity. We investigate how radical creativity is conceptualized and framed in different emergent transdisciplinary contexts, and what implications these have for organizing for creativity in emergent transdisciplinary networks.

Toward radical creativity report

Our research team conducted 54 interviews with Aalto faculty members to gain insights on the perceptions of this key user group on Aalto’s Radical Creativity strategy theme. The report investigates the conceptualization and framing of radical creativity and it contains fascinating insights and vivid examples on the role of Radical Creativity across research and teaching. For example, did you know that multidisciplinarity is a key feature of radical creativity? You can download the report “Toward Radical Creativity” below, and check out the Aalto news piece on what’s coming next!

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