Crystal flowers in Halls of Mirrors

What happens when Mathematics meets Art and Architecture? This is what Senior Lecturer Kirsi Peltonen set out to find out when creating this course at Design Factory, and it is an example of what happens when experimental teaching meets the DF teaching platform.

“This course grew up from various needs to bring up-to-date research knowledge in mathematics, especially geometry and low-dimensional topology, available to a broad audience” wrote Peltonen.

“The central goal of this course was to increase awareness of possibilities of modern mathematics and also bring relevant material accessible. Together with professionals in mathematics and arts, the topics of the course were approached from diverse perspectives”

Students from the different schools of Aalto benefited from the experience and the spaces, as working groups were set up in different areas of Design Factory, and for the last part of the course, were able to showcase their creations in Otaniemi.

Marcela AcostaCrystal flowers in Halls of Mirrors
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