This is how to print via Secure Print with an Aalto Mac

All photos on this page are from the OLD Design Factory. However the process is the same.

Step 1

Open the file you want to print

Step 2

Press print from the menu or use the keyboard shortcut CMD+P. This will open the print dialog.

Step 3

Make sure a printer with the name PRINTVM01_SecureprintPS or PRINTVM03_SecureprintPS is selected as the printer.

Use Show Details to change printing settings if you need (you can change some of these settings later on the printer as well). For example you can decide to print in color and only 1 copy, however later when you are at the printer you can decide to print 10 copies and in black and white.

When you are done press Print.

Step 4

Go to any Printing Point device on the campus.

Step 5

Identify yourself with your printing card.

If you have not registered a printing card. Look at these instructions on how to do that.

Step 6 (optional)

You can also login with your Aalto username and password. To do so press the AD Login button on the printer.

If the copy machine display is in standby press the green button in the upper right corner.

If your password contains a special character (such as a comma ‘,’), login will likely fail. In such a case, you can login after you have changed your password at or by visiting an IT Service Desk.

If you have an Aalto Mac computer please change your password from the System Preferences of that computer or you might face keychain sync issues.

Step 7

Select Secure Print from the options.

Step 8

Select the print jobs that you want to print and print them.

Remember to logout

If your print job is very big, takes more than 9 minutes to print. Make sure you tap on the display every now and then. This is because after 9 minutes of screen inactivity users are automatically logged out and printing is stopped.


Tap yourself on the back. Bravo, have a party.


In case there are issues with these instructions please contact the person bellow

George Atanassov Production, AV, IT, Spaces and Tech
+358 41 465 1391

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