Technological advances have set an accelerating need for technological understanding in all fields as well as highlighted the importance of increasing the degree of heterogeneity among experts in technological fields. Technology education research explores ways of attracting a wider range of young students to learn about technology. The research field combines theoretical frameworks of educational sciences, engineering, and crafts, thus providing a promising multidisciplinary avenue for enhancing technological understanding on all levels of the educational system.

In co-operation with the University of Helsinki, this project aims to create a research- and practice-based model of technology education. The model integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with perspectives of design, arts, and crafts in a process of collaborative teaching and learning. The data are collected from teacher students as well as practicing teachers from primary to higher education by following the principles of design-based research. The results will contribute in developing the quality of technology education as a part of a nationwide continuing education programme.

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