Welcome to join us to discuss our work! We’ve got two ongoing opportunities: one for researchers to discuss methodology and one for anyone who is interested in the results for our work. As there’s no way of uniting people like food, some small desserts are served with these bite-sized insights

Research insights biweekly Mondays at the Kafis


  • Monday 3.2. 1PM @ Kafis: Paul – Insta-CSR: Developing corporate social responsibility in the instagrams of food and beverage ventures
  • Monday 17.2. 1PM @ Kafis: Teo – The value of collaboration – entrepreneur and stakeholder interactions in development
  • Monday 2.3. 1PM @ Kafis: Teo – Designers’ identity work
  • Monday 16.3. 1PM @ Kafis: CANCELLED
  • Monday 30.3.. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: Sine – Engineering students’ perceptions of societal issues and their linkages to innovation opportunities
  • (Monday 13.4. Easter holiday, no session)
  • Monday 27.4.. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: Maria – Development motivations across entrepreneurial identities
  • Monday 11.5. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: Antti & Alvaro – Reading the user’s mind: Designers show high accuracy in inferring design-related thoughts and feelings
  • Monday 25.5. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: CANCELLED
  • Monday 8.6. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: Afnan – How do autonomous units coordinate with one another in a network organization or an innovation ecosystem and how do these coordination practices influence their effectiveness?
  • Monday 22.6. 1PM @ virtual Kafis: DFGN conference Kahoot

Contact Erika if you’d like to present your work in these short 30min sessions (approx 10mins results presentations and 20mins discussion). Just drop by if you want to join the discussion, no signup needed! These presentations are on unpublished work, so in addition to providing you a sneak peek of what will be coming, the presenters highly appreciate any feedback on their work.

Research desserts biweekly Wednesdays at the Aquarium


These bi-weekly desserts focus on various aspects of the research process. Contact Katja for current topics.

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