Universities of the Future is a European Union funded joint project of the Design Factories in Porto, Warsaw, and us in Aalto. Also companies and public institutions from each of the three countries, along with supporting partners, have joined us to ensure that this project takes into account multiple viewpoints. UoF assesses the implications of Industry 4.0 for companies, public organisations and higher education institutions. We have researched the needed competencies and the challenges linked to Industry 4.0 from an educational perspective, and benchmarked best practices. Currently we are building a Blueprint for the education of the future, as a collaborative process. For staying up to date on opportunities to participate in the co-creation process, follow us on Facebook. You can also find out more on the Universities of the Future website.


  • Maria Clavert Professor of Practice

    +358 50 521 3044

  • Marcela Acosta Content and Information, partner plaza coordinator

    +358 50 512 4296

Tua BjörklundUniversities of the Future