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Design Factory brings together researchers from different disciplines to explore design, development, and innovation from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. In the core of everything is finding ways how to effectively translate research results into practice, and ensure the relevance of theoretical findings.

Come join us as a selection of our researchers shed light on the following questions in an engaging and active session that combines insights from their research with practical experiments and demonstrations:

How to turn engineers into humans?

Can we be more creative if we break brainstorming?

How do people from different countries feel about mobile payments?


  • Katja Hölttä-Otto Professor
    +358 50 436 1868

  • Saurabh Deo Researcher/Doctoral Candidate
    +358 504713727

  • Jie Li Researcher/ Doctoral Candidate
    +358 449134556

  • Alvaro Chang Researcher/Doctoral Candidate

DF ResearcherResearch insights & experiments
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