From global insights to local solutions

We will be working on a challenge provided by UNTIL, the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs. In particular, we are targeting how we might motivate young dropout Syrian refugees in Jordan to become more excited about online learning.

This workshop is a light version of our Rat Relay for Global Good series, where Design Factories across the world come together to tackle design challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’ll learn how to translate stakeholder insights gathered at Cali, Colombia, and Seoul, Korea, into solutions ideas that work here in Finland. Along the way, we’ll learns some tools for reframing and ideation – staple parts of design thinking projects.

Monday May 6th, 13.00-16.00 at Puuhamaa

  • 13.00 Introduction design thinking and stakeholder insights
  • 13.30 User insights and reframing
  • 14.30 Idea generation and concept development
  • 15.30 Communicating insights across borders


adminFrom global insights to local solutions
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