If your Aalto Windows does not have the Direct Print queue this is how to add it.

Step 1

Press the Windows Start button and type Printers.

Open Printers & scanners System settings.

NB! It is recommended that you are in Aalto wired or wireless network not Aalto Open when doing these settings.

Step 2

Press Add a printer or scanner.

Step 3

Wait until the text Printer that I want isn’t listed appears on the screen.

Step 4

Press the Printer that I want isn’t listed text.

This will open the Add Printer dialog.

Select Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature.

Press Next.

Step 5

In the Find Printers dialog type t21000 in the Name field.

Press Find Now.

Select the printer you want to add.

Press OK.

Step 6

Wait for the printer to get installed.

Press Next.

Step 7

Press Finish.


Tap yourself on the back. Bravo, have a party.


In case there are issues with these instructions please contact the person bellow

George Atanassov Production, AV, IT, Spaces and Tech
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