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We are very excited to finally announce that the Design Factory is moving to new premises this spring! Our new location will be in the K3 building at Puumiehenkuja 5 and we will be sharing the new amazing building with AVP, Startup Sauna and a handful of ENG -school research groups and labs. Unfortunately, during the moving time, we can’t keep all of our functions fully available. We’ll give updated info on the schedule on our webpage, Instagram and Telegram. The schedule of the move in March is roughly the following:

March (from 1.3. onwards) – Workshops preparing for the move

Workshops will be able to offer very limited support as we are preparing for the move. If you have critical prototyping needs, please have a chat with our workshop staff beforehand!




Moreover, there are other prototyping facilities in Aalto that might be able to help you during our move.

Week 11 (13-19.3.) – Packing week (open as usual)

We will start packing up some of our backend functions like storages, but mostly DF will be open as usual. If you wish to use specific functions or workshops, you can contact the workshop responsibles for detailed information. All the existing space reservations are held.

Week 12 (20-26.3.) – Moving week (limited access)

During week 12, our staff will be all hands on deck with the move, the stuff will be moved to new premises and there will be limited access to both old and new DF premises. Classes will take place at our new premises. Around this time, we don’t have available services, workshops, or possibility for booking spaces. 

Week 13 (27.3.-2.4.) – Setting up the new space (limited access)

Onwards on week 13, we will be setting up the new space! Most likely we won’t be still able to offer services, workspaces, or possibility to book spaces. You might be able to use the spaces for independent working this week, but we will have an update on this once we see progress of the previous weeks.

Week 14 (from 3.4. onwards) – Always ready, never finished

For the rest of the spring we will still be making the new building feel and function like the Design Factory. So while we will be ready to help all of you, things will not be finished, and frankly – in the spirit of DF – they never will be 🙂


Where can I find information about the move?

  • We will inform about the move on our website, in Telegram and our Instagram. In urgent matters, contact workshops or  spaces-df@aalto.fi.

What happens to my space reservation around that time?

  • We have already contacted everyone with a space reservation or classes during the move. If you have any concerns, please contact spaces-df@aalto.fi.

I have stuff at DF. What should I do?

  • You should empty DF of your things by 17th of March. If you need some prototypes or materials moved to the new building, please talk to your course teacher or the shop staff early enough before March 17th.

Can I use the workshops during the moving time?

  • Depends on what your needs for support and the kind of equipment you want to use are. Most machines will be out of service eg. CNC machines, laser cutter, 3D printers etc. However basic tools and tables which you can use yourself can be accessed. For more information, talk to our shop staff! 🙂

Can I use the spaces to study?

  • We recommend using other spaces for studying during the move and unpacking weeks (20.3.-2.4.).

Where will my classes be held during the move?

  • All the responsible teachers have been contacted about their classes. We aim to have all the classes still at the old premises on week 11 (until 17th of March), and at the new premises on week 12 (20th of March onwards). Your teacher will inform you of the changes in location for your classes and you should direct your questions towards the teacher.

When can I access the new building to work on my project?

  • We aim to have the new building open and ready for the use 3rd of April onwards, but we will still go step by step and inform further about the access to the spaces as soon as we have managed to move in. Again, if you have a specific matter regarding a workshop in your mind, you can contact the workshop staff. We will have a lot of community spaces in the new building for such as studying, and those can be accessed when we open the doors. 

How can I access the new building?

  • The new building is located in Puumiehenkuja 5. We aim to offer similar access to the new building as we offer currently at DF, and we will inform you of the process to apply for access separately. 

When and where can I book spaces in the new building?

  • We will have many similar spaces to offer in the new building as we have currently, but we will not be able to book spaces for events until we see how we progress with the construction, renovation, and move. If you have a need for a space during the spring, don’t hesitate to be in touch (spaces-df@aalto.fi) and we are happy to see how we can help.

For meeting and group working spaces, we will not have any reservation system implemented this spring. The good old approach of “if the space is free, feel free to use it” stands for meeting and group working spaces. 

If these above didn’t answer your questions, you didn’t find the right person to contact or you have any concerns, do not hesitate to shoot us a message to our first contacts or spaces-df@aalto.fi

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