4. – 8. of October 2021

The annual festival for DFs around the world

The Design Factory Global Network is powering up to reach the next level. Whether your DF gamer style is newb, casual, hardcore, or pro, you are more than welcome to join in on the fun. For the second time we are taking the International Design Factory Festival (IDFF) online, inviting people from inside and outside of the design factory community to learn from, share with, and be inspired by each other.

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Alumni experts: Ritual Design

Date: 05.10 Monday

Start Time: 17:00 GMT+10

Adam’s introduction of ritual design will help you designer culture and services in the right way. Not only can ritual design shed new light on the do’s and don’ts of how to better work together and it can also help us design better services for others. Adam’s storytelling is a source of inspiration for new perspectives and metaphors that we are sure you will find useful regarding your everyday design work.


Date: 06.10 Wednesday

Start Time: 16:00 NZDT

Russell Douglas (founder and principal strategist at D&Co – www.dandco.nz) will share some of his consultancy’s leading work in CX with us. He will provide an overview of D&Co’s proprietary Experience Innovation System and the delivery pathway they use to help companies like Z Energy, Mitre 10, Southern Cross and New World develop what D&Co refer to as the CX ‘Moments that Matter’ Strategy.

Alumni Experts: Ahoy,

Date: 04.10 Monday

Time: 15:00 EDT

Heidi Tulensalo is a senior manager of service design at Wärtsilä, a Finnish company manufacturing power sources and equipment for marine and energy markets.

In her keynote Heidi will explore the challenges of her current role from the perspective of applying service design practices in a highly specialised and regulation-driven environment. With a project example from voyage management, she’ll provide us a close look at the ways of working in the maritime industry, whilst sharing her service design insights and reflecting on the skills and mindset she gained in her years at Aalto Design Factory.

Planet Centered

Date:07.10 Thursday

Time: 17:00 EEST

Digital services are designed to be seamless and easy to use. This purpose adds a lot of convenience to our everyday life, but it often hides the fact that there is a physical value chain behind the interface, that impacts the planet and society. In this session, we will work in teams and use the Planet Centric Design toolkit to imagine how familiar services can be more sustainable.


Date: 05.10 Tuesday

Time: 16:30 EET

The event is hosted by inno.space and Aalto Design Factory
Designing Circularity is a a two-hour event in which we get to dig deeper into the topic of sustainable design, both through keynotes in which our experts share their vision and discuss the role of designers in sustainable organisations, as well as through a workshop that allows us to explore the ways how to support the integration of sustainability in project-based teaching.


Date: 06.10 Wed.

Start Time: 13:00 NYC

This event is open to everybody.
This event is hosted by St. John’s University, Design Factory Aveiro and inno.space Design Factory. Design thinking is probably never more at work than in a kitchen. Cooking is about empathy, making, skills, tradition, novelty, experimentation, and mistakes. You can cook with us or just join and discuss the implications for design deriving from this powerful metaphor. We will send more instructions to those that will RSVP.

Pedagogy of 3D printing

Date: 05.10 Tuesday

Start Time: 16:00 NYC

Max Hergenrother (presenter and moderator, St. John’s University)
3D printing is a great technology to support creativity and innovation for our students as well as a sophisticated prototyping technology that is becoming more and more accessible. Join this conversation to share your experience or just learn what are the pedagogical implications and challenges of introducing 3d printing in our classes and labs.

Where do big ideas come from?

Date: 07.10 Thursday

Time: 14:00 NYC

Ideation in product design is really about meaning discovery and creation.  What we make “speaks” to the users and every act of creation is also an act of communication. For advertising creatives, communication is the product, and the act of creation happens daily and sometimes in an even shorter period. Explore the inner workings of advertising creatives at this moderated discussion with a Creative Director, Executive Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Senior Executive/Leader.

Using SoMe in the classroom

Date: 07.10 Thursday

Start Time: 17:00 NYC time

Social media are often seen as a distraction or a nuisance by instructors. But what if these tools can enable new and more engaging and effective ways to interact in the class? What if these technologies can enable more user-friendly workflow and communication while (hear, hear) making instructors’ life even better? Will has crafted his own approach to this and he is ready to share his magic with you all!

Rethink, reconnect, redesign

Date: 04.10 Monday

Time: 14:00 NYC

The life sciences industry is facing transformational changes. The convergence of technology, digitalization, virtual simulations, and 3D printing is creating new opportunities.
In this perspective, the roundtable will focus on how design thinking and design practice can help students and practitioners to embrace a human-centered perspective to health(patient)care while actively applying their creative mindset to problem-solving.


Date: 07.10 Thursday

Time: 12:15 NZDT

This event is open to anyone and is hosted by Design Factory New Zealand. Lunchtime learning – 30-minute bite-sized learning.
This session is a WEBINAR, so you can turn off your webcam and pull out your popcorn and ask some questions near the end.


Date: 07.10 Thursday

Time: 16:30 NZDT

What is the experience of Design Factory students across the globe?
What projects are they working on? How do they do what they do?
What can they learn from each other?
In this facilitated networking opportunity, we’re inviting students to take the floor. It’s an opportunity to share experiences from your own projects, learn about projects from different Design Factories, pose questions, share insights, or even just meet some new people to network and connect with.

Week Schedule

Monday 4th – Friday 8th of October


The schedule is for reference only, and may not be fully updated. The times shown are local Helsinki times (EEST). The event listing on the Mighty Network will be shown in your local time.

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About the International Design Factory Festival

The International Design Factory Festival (IDFF) is a one-week long digital event where the Design Factory Global Network gathers to get to know each other, share best practices, and plan for collaborations. Through interactive collaboration sessions, workshops, and webinars, the participants refuel and expand their professional tool boxes and strengthen the ties with educational changemakers around the world.


About the Design Factory Global Network

The Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) consists of 34 innovation hubs in universities and research institutions around the world, spanning from North America to Oceania. We are on a mission to create change in the world of learning and education by facilitating and conducting workshops, events, and courses revolving around concepts like design thinking, experimentation, and pedagogical development.

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