The first ever PD.X was held on 28th of November 2022

Watch recording of the event bellow. For photos of the event please visit here.


Welcoming words. PDP = Passion, Determination, Promotion

Dr. Pekka Pokela

Professor of Practise at Aalto University

“Ambition & Attitude” – How to create team spirit and chase success?

Peter Vesterbacka

Entrepreneur  (SLUSH, FinEst Bay Area)

Chasing the big picture – How to succeed in business transformation?

Lars-Peter Lindfors

SVP at Innovation, Neste Oy

Leading the complexity of sustainability, innovation and business

Satu Virkkunen

Director at Environment KONE Technology & Innovation

Innovating fast and slow

Heidi Tulensalo

Senior Manager Service Design at Rapid Innovation at Wärtsilä Voyage

Innovating fast and slow

Markus Mannevaara

Senior Director at Rapid Innovation at Rapid Innovation at Wärtsilä Voyage


Timo Kekkonen

Managing Director at The Finnish Association of Electrical Safety STEK



Our mission at Aalto is to make the concrete product & business development work visible with business professionals and future champions: what is the journey all about prior to the date when results and achievements are published and news released?


Our action is to establish a movement that excites and inspires business professionals devoted in product development. We want to show what product development work in in practice, open its challenges and achievements, to discuss and learn. Product development is hard and very challenging work but very often hidden behind the curtains, as are the heroes accomplishing the practical work in teams. We want to change this.

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