The Design Factory Strange Summer Project Grant

We want to spend our money on whacky projects you are passionate about!

* Drummmrooolll *

Announcing the Design Factory Strange Summer Project Grant a.k.a. The DF Grant! Can your awesome, out-of-the-box,  slightly whacky project be done at Design Factory over the summer? If yes, then submit your proposal now, because we are awarding 3 grants of 1500 EUR to make these projects a reality! Apply now, it is super simple:

  1. Fill out the form and submit it before April 30th

  2. Get selected for pitching

  3. Pitch your idea on May 3rd

  4. Receive one of three 1500 euro grants!

The  6 most convincing applications will be invited to pitch their project ideas at the Design+Community event on May 3rd at Design Factory. Three projects will be awarded a project grant of 1500 euro.


From June 1st to August 31st 2019, the winning teams are given access to Design Factory to use our facilities and materials on top of their grant. The Design Factory staff and community will also be there to support or mentor whenever needed.


A few rules for the applications:

  1. Teams should consist of approximately four people (if it’s far less or more, please explain how this benefits the project)
  2. Teams can include participants from outside of Aalto University as well. The primary applicant needs to be an Aalto university student.
  3. Diverse and inclusive teams are favoured over homogeneous teams (think gender, nationality, discipline, etc.)
  4. The project must be completed within 3 months (June – August)


We will be judging your proposal based on how well you plan to utilize Design Factory and the facilities, so please drop by and explore for yourself! We are located at Betonimiehenkuja 5C, Otaniemi.

If you have any questions, come talk to André or Shreyasi at Design Factory or write to us at

Shreyasi KarDF Grant 2019