Research insights served at the Design Factory kitchen

We’re launching a bi-weekly research session to share soon-to-be-submitted work from the DF research community, with the audience learning of interesting new results and the presenter benefitting from good questions to clarify their thinking and fine tune their work. You can expect a 5-10min presentation, followed by a 15-20 min discussion, and something sweet to go around. The insights are served in the ADF Kafis to encourage easy drop-by listening – please feel free to join us if the topic of the week interests you… or even if you just like to enjoy your lunch with an extra dose of inspiration!

Upcoming talks @ ADF Kafis

Monday 12.3.2018 13.00-13.30: Dr Tua Björklund: Innovation in the wild – what new engineers learn at the workplace

Monday 26.2.2018 13.00-13.30: Dr Maria Clavert: Change agency as a way of promoting pedagogical development in academic communities: a longitudinal study.

Monday 9.4.2018 13.00-13.30: Mikko Illi: TBA 

Monday 23.4.2018 13.00-13.30: Antti Surma-aho: Assessing the development of empathy and innovation attitudes in a project-based design thinking course.

For more on our research, see our current projects and publications.

Tua BjörklundResearch insights served at the Design Factory kitchen
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