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Aalto DF Student

Need a space for your team meeting, experiments, a bigger user testing event or something completely different? We offer Aalto students working facilities on a case-by-case basis so click forward.


Aalto Teacher

Planning to organize an interesting course at ADF? Great! Please contact Maria Clavert

Aalto Organization

On a case-by-case basis, ADF rooms are reserved for bold pioneers, true experimental activists believing in the Aalto spirit! Please, find out more about our spaces and send us your booking request.


Someone else?

Do you have passion, great ideas, enthusiasm, and courage? As a passion-based co-creation platform, ADF fosters individual creativity and supports passionate pioneers in their efforts for the better!

Contact The Staff


Please contact one of the following superheros and they will help you with your space needs.

Vivi Kiukkanen Communications & Events
+358 50 3317884

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Bookings are checked twice a week

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