ADF as a catalyst - a platform for possibilities

Experimentation is the art of trying things out in real life and what could be a better place to experiment than ADF, which gives both smaller and bigger projects training wheels and a safe playground. In addition to hosting Aalto University’s courses and educating product designers, ADF is like a greenhouse where big things are developed and grown from small seeds. We like to be in the business of making things happen and enabling action. ADF is a home for everything from academic to nonacademic, student driven and ambitious projects to growth businesses.

One of the fundamentals of Design Factory is co-creation with industry. Design Factory is a platform where we support companies in embracing the potential of cooperation with Aalto University. We have in-house partner companies who are enriching the ecosystem diversity and participating to daily activities. We support companies in their early stage to become the new success stories under our loving care and attention.

However, the most intensive users of Design Factory are the various product design courses working with several companies doing projects ranging from tiny to huge in size. Most of these courses are working globally having partner universities and sponsoring companies from all over the world. During one academic year we host over 30 industry sponsored learning projects. Altogether these course projects collect annually 0.6 – 1 million euros external funding to cover the realisation of the projects and prototyping.

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